Ultimate Protection
for Your
Tanker Truck Shipments

Right at your fingertips.

Using connected digital thermometer and geo-fenced GPS tracking, TempTrack™ updates your cargo’s temperature and location every 15 minutes for ultimate protection of your shipments.

Make your days easier with real-time updates.

Continuous Temp Monitoring

Get the information you need while on the go. TempTrack continually monitors your tank trailers and sends convenient updates to one screen.

Accuracy When & Where It Counts

Remove the worry while you’re on the road. For enhanced accuracy every time, track temperature changes as they happen and receive real-time updates.

Save Time with
Less Paperwork

Improve your workflow with ease. Spend less time on time-consuming tasks like paperwork with our industry leading TempTrack technology.

Increased Safety
& Accuracy

Frequent stops can increase the risk of being in an accident.  TempTrack aligns with Highway Transport’s safety-first environment, providing more accurate and timely updates.

How it Works

Every Highway Transport customer receives access to TempTrack™ through their MyHighway portal. Simply register for a free account, log in online or through the mobile app, and access up-to-date information about your shipments anytime from anywhere.

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Long-lasting battery. Designed around convenience, TempTrack™ operates on solar batteries that are easily rechargeable or replaceable.

Its long battery life ensures you always have the technology you need to track your shipment efficiently. Use of solar energy ties directly into our commitment to sustainability.

Innovative technology. Enjoy 24/7 updates on tanker trailer temperature and load location for all your temperature-sensitive shipments at no additional cost.

TempTrack™ automatically transmits load location and cargo temperatures (between -58 F and +257 F) every 15 minutes for the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

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